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I noticed this blog is taking a strange turn. Both Mythos and I are getting Etsy stores together…… and likely we will not be posting to the Dyo Lykoi print store as much. which is a bummer, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles, folks,
NOW, I am not saying we are CLOSING the store. BY ALL MEANS, NO. 
I’m just saying don’t be surprised if new T’s come less often. (sigh. my pen is still broken too.)



I’m having a hell of a time getting my bank account together, so for now anything that I’m selling will have to be paid for with a mailed money order. Email me at for more information. for now on, I’ll post items that are for sale at my shop under the tag #pacificwolfstore

-Salish / Wolfe

Sorry for the terrible photo quality, kids, but here’s my first “fur feather extension”. this is my personal fox tail, so its not for sale. 
the danglies consist of 2 mallard feathers and a seal rib.I’ll be making more before I go on vacation for 2 weeks or so. I promise to post!

So. dear followers. Long time no…. anything. This is Blancfeu speaking. I thought I aught to give ya’ll a little update. I cant draw right now (havent been able to since April) because I got a new tablet and my new digitizer pen just came in the mail. but it doesnt work. So, I’m working with Lenovo to get things fixed. 

In other news I’m starting an Etsy for taxidermy things like bones and fur crafts and other stuff. It’ll be called Pacific Wolf. I’ll let ya’ll know when I get it started. (the last step is I have to visit the bank and get my paypal working.)

DeviantART Print

Society6 Print (also avaliable as an Iphone/Ipod cover and greeting card)

Spread your wings, wolf.




New design inspired by a kin type after our own hearts….. Winged canine! This one is drawn by yours truly, Wolfe Blancfeu. Request a color if you like, and I’ll see what I can whip up! (Please no detail coloring. just a single color.) 

This design will be avalialiable within the hour! I will post each version as I make them public.

-Wolfe B.

Update: Ask us questions too!?

Hey everyone! It’s Wolfe’s birthday today- just thought I’d let you all know. Go wish her a Happy Birthday:

I hope everyone is doing well? Yes?

PS: If there is anyone out there who needs consulting, questions, interesting stories, etc, anything kin-related at all, we’re always happy to help! Just drop by an ask to this blog, and either Wolfe or I (Mythos) will be free to answer. We don’t bite- or mind!

Our ask box is always open!


I know I said I’d post that new design this week, but I I’ve been terrably sick since monday, and I have a huge and very intimidating essay to do. For now, please enjoy this never-actually-going-to-be-a-real-design-sketch-that-I-did-when-I-was-high-on-cough-syrup. (unless I get over 50 re-blogs.Then I’ll make a funny shirt with this.)

Ignore the smudging. I had to smudge out my name and school.image

-Wolfe B.


Both Mythos and I are really busy right now with high school and my impending visit to CA to see her. Never fear though, I will have a new design out within the week. I have a sketch planned out already, and I’ll be scanning it to my computer today.

-Wolfe Blancfeu